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職位: 動畫師/剪輯師


  • Animated all of characters

  • Edit the video

  • Adding some music.

得獎:I3D 心動台灣大賽最佳 iClone 表現獎

iClone Best Performance Award - January 2011
​Iclone4 Award: I3D Animation Competition in Taiwan

斜陽鹿港  The setting sun in Lukang

創作理念 : 以不一樣的方式呈現鹿港迷人的風箏,就像夕陽射入,映著黃昏般的微光。
Creative concept: This book uses the warm glow of a setting sun to present charming Lukang
in many different ways. It glows from within, just as the city of Lukang does.
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