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[Control Rig] Unreal Engine 5.2 Control Rig 教學 - Foot IK - Pelvis offset - # 4 |骨盆偏移|Tutorial

Pelvis offset

Add Pelvis Z in Variables

Use the Offset Target Z of the left and right feet to find the smallest value, which is regarded as the value of Pelvis offset Target Z. Use Minimum to determine the minimum value. In order to move more smoothly, the Spring Interpolate node is used.

Use the Transform of the Pelvis controller and the Pelvis offset Target Z to change the direction and get the value. Set this value back to the Translation of Pelvis Ctrl.

Space: Local Space

Note: version issues, the node part is different

The current tutorial is using Unreal Engine 5.2. If using another version, please use another node

Need to adjust Foot Root Ctrl and Offset

Due to Foot Root is the top group of the left and right foot controllers, check Propagate to children to allow the left and right foot controllers to be offset.

Set the value of the Pelvis controller to back to the Transfrom of the Pelvis bone, and connect to Full Body IK

Current Result

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