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METANI (Forest)


Role: Technical Artist

​Platforms: Web
Engine: Unity


  • Design the art specifications for art teams and outsourcing.

  • Rig 12 characters with facial expressions and Props.

  • Model, animation and fix art assets in Maya.

  • Retarget the required animation from the source into the target. 

  • Troubleshoot modeling and animation for project needs.

  • Integrate art assets into unity.

  • Create animation, shader, and VFX in Unity.

  • Layout and design game environment art for 3 themes in Unity. (Ice, Forest, City)

  • Baked animation and export FBX to Unity.

  • Export Assets to GLB for the outsourcing engineer's team.

  • Solved technical issued when producing in Unity.

  • Reviewed and feedback on outsourced artwork.

  • Optimize content through enhancing performance and assist in a wide variety of technical and artistic tasks.


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