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LilingLiu Rigging Demo Reel 

Lutopia Lab


I like to research and study new technologies and create the YouTube channel - Lutopia Lab. I use own my way to make tutorial videos and step-by-step guides on YouTube. I also provide links to download project files for learning.

Current teaching content: Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial


Full Projects:

Animation / Film / TV Mini Series Titles ​

Shards of Her



Waking up from a coma, an accomplished headhunter finds herself in an alternate reality where she has to revisit an excruciating childhood trauma.

Robot will protect you

Freelance Rigger

A sci-fi animation about a little girl's search for meaning in a world without emotions, directed by NicolaPiovesan.


Freelance Rigger

Worked with a director is TITO FERNANDES to make the sci-fi action/adventure film trailer


Game / AR / VR / GameFi
Rides and Attractions  


Technical Artist

"METANI" is a racing game. Players can also use various props and cultivation systems to create special animal players in the game and compete with other players!


Technical Artist

Crucible: It is a AAA video game and free-to-play team-based action shooter where your gameplay is defined by the choices you make. 


Freelance Rigger

Universal Studios Hollywood Ride: The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash! 

Animation Rigger

Tony DiTerlizzi Magic Mirror

Technical Artist/Rigger

It is an interactive Kinect for Tony Diterlizzi "Never Abandon Imagination".

Four Freedoms

Rigger, Animator 

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