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[Control Rig] Unreal Engine 5.2 Control Rig 教學 - Foot IK - Leg Alignment - # 6 |腿部對齊 |Tutorial

Leg Alignment

First, go back to the Foot Trace Function that was created at the beginning to get the Hit Normal information.

Foot Trace

Input add: CurrentHitNormal (Vector)

Output add: Trace Normal (Vector)

Spring Interpolate is used to smoothly move the current to Target.

Final Foot Trace Function

Add Variables

Connect function



Connect together

Create Function: Foot Rotation

Foot Offset

Input add: Bone (Rig Element Key), FloorNormal(Vector)

Use Aim Math for rotation, and treat the Hit Normal value as the Target of Aim Math. Primary - Axis : X=0, Y=0, Z=1。Secondary - Axis: X=0, Y=0, Z=1, Target: X=1, Y=0, Z=0

Kind: Direction

Use the bone/controller Rotation value to multiply the Aim Math Rotation value and set it back to the bone/controller Rotation value.

Final Foot Rotation function

Connect function


Final Result

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