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[Chaos Physics] Unreal Engine 5.2 駕駛Chaos車輛教學 |Driving Chaos Vehicle

Driving Chaos Vehicle

Import Mesh and Texture: Crab the model and texture into Browser

Car already rig and skin

FBX import Options:

Skeletal Mesh: turn on

Combine Meshes: If you have many separate mesh, you could turn on




Create BP:

Right click mouse > Blueprint Class

All Classes:

search: vehicle

Select “ WheeledVehiclePawn ”

Mesh > Skeletal Mesh Asset > car


Left side > +Add > SpringArm and Camera

Setup camera target Arm Length: 600

Camera Settings:

Turn off:

Inherit Pitch

Inherit Yaw

Inherit Roll

Camera Collision:

Probe Size: 0

Do collsion test: Turn Off

Wheel Setup

Select Vehicle Movement Component

This car has four wheels so Press 4 times to add

Wheel Setup > Wheel Setups > +

Go to Skeleton and copy bone name

Select the bone > right click > Copy selected Bone Names

Paste to Wheel setups index bone name

Engine Torque Setup

Vehicle Movement component > Mechanical Setup

Two options can create Torque curve

Option1: Double click to show the Torgue curve window

The graph's X axis represents the engine RPM (revolutions per minute)

The graph's Y axis represents the engine Torque output in NM (Newton Meters)

Total Tougue : 300

Add curve points in 300

Shift + left click mouse : Add points

Curve like image

Option 2:

Right Click mouse > Miscellaneous > Curve

Pick Curve Class: CurveFloat

Add Keys

Go to BP_Car

Vehicle Movement component > Mechanical Setup

External Curve > select curve

Chaos Vehicle wheel Blueprint

In most cases, you will require at least two wheel types per vehicle.

A wheel that is affected by the steering / engine / handbrake, and one that is not.

This may be the case for having differently sized wheels for the front or the back

Create wheel BP:

Blueprint Class > ChaosVehicleWheel

Create front and rear wheel BP

Double click BP_Front_Wheel


Wheel > Axle Type : Front

Affected by Handbrake: Turn Off

Affected by Engine: Turn on

Wheels setup

Max steer Angle:45

Affected by steering: Turn on

Double click BP_Rear_Wheel


Wheel > Axle Type : Front

Affected by Handbrake: Turn on

Affected by Engine: Turn on

Go back to BP_Car

Update wheel setups class

Turn on Simulate Physics

Game Mode

Default Pawn Class: BP_Car

World Settings

Window > World Settings

Game mode

GameMode Override: GM_Car

Play Game result

Car Physic

Select physic and delete

Because the default physic shape is not fit for the car

Select wheel bones > Primitive shape: Sphere >Add bodies

Select Root bone > Primitive shape: Single convex Hull >Add bodies

Control camera rotate

Open BP_Car

Using mouse to rotate camera

Mouse X Axis Value ---> Delta Rotation Z

Mouse Y Axis Value ---> Delta Rotate Y

Play Game Result:

Discover the car is not on the ground.

Go to BP_FrontWheel and BP_RearWheel change “ wheel radius ”

Wheel Radius: 20


Vehicle Movement

Input Action

Project settings

Go to Engine - Input

Action Mappings: HandBrake --> Spacebar

Axis Mappings:

Thottle --> W

Brake --> S

Steering --> A , D

Go to BP_Car

Each InputAsix to connect

Vehicle Movement


Obtain the behaviors we want for our vehicle.

Select car skeleton > right click mouse > Create > Anim Blueprint

Opne AnimBP > Class Settings > class options > Parent Class : Vehicle Animation Instance

Mesh Space Ref Pose: this is used to return the mesh space reference pose for our skeletal mesh in the Animation Blueprint

Wheel Controller : offloading a lot of the work in creating these types of animations, you can use the Wheel Controller Node to drive the animations.

GO to BP_Car

Select Mesh > Animation > Anim Class : AB_Car

Play game


Youtube Tutorial:

教學專案和文件下載 / Full Project and Document Download:

Sketchfab - Car Scene:

How to Set up Vehicles Unreal Engine 5.0

贊助 / Support Me

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