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[Chaos Physics] Unreal Engine 5.2 物理約束可掛接拖車車輛教學 |Physics Constraint Hitchable Trailer


在這邊使用 Driving Chaos Vehicle 專案來製作掛接拖車


匯入模型和貼圖: Crab the model and texture into Browser



FBX import Options:

Skeletal Mesh: turn on


Combine Meshes: If you have many separate mesh, you could turn on






Create BP:


Right click mouse > Blueprint Class


All Classes:

search: vehicle

Select “ WheeledVehiclePawn ”

Mesh >  Skeletal Mesh Asset > trailer

Wheel Setup


選擇  Vehicle Movement Component


這個拖車有兩個輪子,所以按兩次+ 增加


Wheel Setup > Wheel Setups > +  



選上骨頭 > 右鍵 > Copy selected Bone Names




 Paste to Wheel setups index bone name

Turn on Simulate Physics

Trailer Physic 拖車物理


Open physics Asset

Select physic and delete



Select wheel bones > Primitive shape: Sphere >Add bodies

Select Root bone > Primitive shape: Single convex Hull >Add bodies

Input Action


Project settings

Go to Engine - Input

Action Mappings: Interact--> T



Obtain the behaviors we want for our vehicle.


Select trailer skeleton > right click mouse > Create > Anim Blueprint

Opne AnimBP > Class Settings > class options > Parent Class : Vehicle Animation Instance



Mesh Space Ref Pose: this is used to return the mesh space reference pose for our skeletal mesh in the Animation Blueprint


Wheel Controller : offloading a lot of the work in creating these types of animations, you can use the Wheel Controller Node to drive the animations.

GO to BP_trailer


Select Mesh > Animation > Anim Class : ABP_trailer





增加碰撞體 ,命名為 Docking.

Blueprint > Blueprint Interface


藍圖介面是一個或多個函數的集合 - 僅名稱,無實作 - 可以新增到其他藍圖。 這本質上就像一般程式設計中介面的概念,它允許多種不同類型的物件透過一個公共介面共享和存取。

Functions: Interact

Inputs: car (BP_Car, object reference)

Open BP_car


Use for loop to check does implement interface, if true, does interact

Opne BP_Trailer


Add Collision


Naming: Trigger_coli

Add PhysicsConstraint


物理約束是一個關節,可讓您將兩個 Actor 或組件連接在一起,並對它們施加限製或力。


Conponent name 1: Mesh

Conponent name 2: Trigger_coli


Control Physics constraint - Angular Limits


Swing 1 motion  (Z) : Limited, swing 1 limted: 60

Swing 2 motion (x): Locked

Twist motion (y): Locked

Add Text Render

1. Text: type the information.

2.Turn off visibility

Add cube


In order to let trailer to stand on the ground, so add cube

Add Interface


Class Settings > Implemented Interfaces > select BI_Interact

Add variables:

1. CanHitch :Boolean

2. TryHitch : Boolean


Select trigger_collision box add begin overlap and end overlap


When End overlap,  try Hitch: turn off, and text does not show

When begin overlap,  try Hitch: turn on


Get  car docking and trailer trigger_coli’s world location and do float to integrate value

Does car docking X subtract trailer trigger X to get the value. The value is less equal what we want the value. However, we might be get the negative value, so here I use ABS to get positive value.


Does car docking Y subtract trailer trigger Y to get the value. The value is less equal what we want the value.


X and Y value both are true and return true.

Set true/false to can Hitch

Set text visibility and delay the time.

After completed, try hitch again to condition, if true, cast to bp_Car

Interact Event


如果可以掛接,則汽車連接到拖車且移動並設置約束組件。 關閉嘗試掛鉤並設定文字可見性。









Creat function: RemoveStand

Add Variables: StandRemovedBool :bool

Open RemoveStand function:

Destory stand compoent, and set standRemovedBool: on, and call stand removed

Event Dispatchers: StandRemoved

Event graph


Using event tick to do event StandRemoved.

如果支架有效,請移除支架。 如果沒有,則執行一次列印字串

Event Interact:

Remove stand event and turn off standRemovedbool



Youtube Tutorial:

Plugins: ChaosVehiclesPlugin



Sketchfab  -  Car Scene:


Sketchfab  - Generator Trailer:



Physics Constraint Component:




How to Set up Vehicles Unreal Engine 5.0


Ref: Unreal Engine Truck Tutorial: Trailer System

教學專案和文件下載 /  Full Project and Document Download:




贊助 / Support Me




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