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[Skeleton] Unreal Engine 5.3 Rig骨頭編輯工具教學 |Skeleton Editing Tool

Skeleton Editing tools

Import Mesh and Texture: Crab the model and texture into Browser

FBX import Options:

Skeletal Mesh: turn off

Combine Meshes: If you have many separate mesh, you could turn on


Skeletal Mesh Editing Tools

Static Mesh converts to Skeletal Mesh

Select Static Mesh > right click mouse > Convert to Skeletal Mesh

Default: Skeleton import : create New

Double Click: Skeleton Mesh




Add Bones

Click Skeleton > Edit Skeleton

View: Front View/ Right view / Perspective

Option 1:

Action: Add (add bones)

Option 2:

Click +

Start to add bones: Spine, head, arm, leg

Important: spine bones (middle bones) the location X = 0 , Later to mirror to use

Make sure to rename the bones

Select each bones and rename it.

Option1: Details > name

Option2: Select bone and click F2 to rename

If the bone position is wrong, select the bone and press W to move

When you select the bone and press E. Bone Orient does not correct, like the image.


Auto Orient turn on > Click Orient


Due to try to mirror the bones, but it can’t get the right name.

Here, it change the left side bones name.

L_Clavicle -> Clavicle_L

L_Shoulder -> Shoulder_L

L_Elbow -> Elbow_L

L_Hand -> Hand_L


After left bones naming, go to Action and click Edit

Mirror > Options

Left string and Right string to key your left/right name

Mirror Axis: X

Select L_Clavicle, and click Mirror to get the right

View Axis

Change Axis Length to view Axis

After Editing, Click accept


Click Skin > Bind Skin


Max influences: how many bones to influences the vertex.

After bind skin, go to Edit weight

Select the bone to know the skin weight. White: influenct weight, Black: no influenct weight

If you want to change the weight color, Min/Max color change the color which you like.

Weight Editing Mode: Brush

Shift: Smooth

B:Brush size and Brush strength

B+ drag left & right: Radius of the brush

B+ drag up & down: strength of the brush

Weight Editing Mode: Vertices

After Left side weight painting done, select the left side vertex and click mirror.

Go to Skeleton to check the weight influence.

Option 1 : Go to right top to click the skeleton button

Option 2: Go to browsers to open the skeleton

Youtube tutorial:

教學文件下載 / Documents Download:

Skeleton Editing Unreal Engine:

贊助 / Support Me

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