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[Control Rig] Unreal Engine 5.2 Control Rig 教學 - Hand Ik - Arm Trace + HandRoot offset - # 7 |手部軌跡

Hand Ik

Add Hand Controllers

Set the connection between the controller and the bone

Arm Trace + HandRoot offset

The principles of hands and feet are very similar, so it do directly first.

Create a Function: Hand Trace

Hand Trace

Input add:Bone (Rig Element Key)

Output add: HandTrace Hit (Boolean), HandTraceLocation(Vector),HandTraceNormal(Vector)

Match the direction and position of the bone with Sphere Trace to determine the collision situation. Currently, the Y axis is set to 60, which can be adjusted. In order to make it easier to debug, use draw line and transform to make line and axis phase judgments. Avoiding the hand being worn when it touches the wall, the Y axis of the hand is subtracted by 7. In order to facilitate future adjustments, it promotes a parameter variable, the name is Hand_AdditionHitOffset.

Final Hand Trace function

Add Variables

Connect function

Use UpperArm bones to do Hand Trace



Connect together

HandRoot offset

the same principle as Foot Root Ctrl.

Space: Local Space

Propagate to Children : turn on

Final Result



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