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[Control Rig] Unreal Engine 5.2 Control Rig 教學 - Foot IK - Foot Trace - # 3 |腳部軌跡|Tutorial

Foot IK

Add foot controllers

Set the connection between the controller and the bone

Connect the controller to the Full Body IK node

Root : Pelvis

Effectors: foot_I, foot_r, spine_04

Bone Settings

calf_I, calf_r, pelvis

calf_I, calf_r:

Use Preferred angles: turn on

Preferred Angles: Z:45


Rotation Stiffness: 0.95

Position Stiffness: 0.95

Foot Trace

It will be reused function, so wrap the nodes together.

Create a Function: Foot Trace

Foot Trace

Input add: Bone (Rig Element Key)

Output add: Trace Hit (Boolean), Trace Offset Z (Float)

Match the direction and position of the bone with Sphere Trace to determine the collision situation. Currently, the Z axis is set to 100. In order to facilitate adjustment, it promotes a parameter variable to adjust. The name is FlootHitDistance, which can be adjusted according to the character.

In order to make it easier to debug, use draw line and transform here to make line and axis phase judgments.

In order to prevent the feet from sticking to the ground, add 1 to Hit Location Z. To facilitate adjustment, it is also promotes as a parameter variable, and the name is AdditionHitOffset.

Final Foot Trace Function

Use the Foot Trace Function to set the left and right feet.

Add variables

Connect the function node




In the game, if you want to see the Control Rig Debug line, press ~ on the keyboard, and the > input area will appear.

Type : “ a.AnimNode.ControlRig.Debug 1 “

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